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About Prime Speaker

The professional and business speaking industry has really blossomed over the last 20 years or so. Any business or corporate event organiser now has a substantial number of excellent speakers and presenters to choose from. Prime Speaker listens carefully to your requirements and objectives, and seeks to find the ideally matched speaker for your event. Our clients know that we are driven to deliver real solutions. We have in-depth knowledge of the speakers we work with, along with being able to attract great new talent. And as each event and audience is different, we know it’s crucial to understand what it takes to produce an outstanding presentation.

As we focus on building a leading reputation within this service-centred sector, we are aware that one of the only ways to achieve this is by helping you deliver one exceptional event after another. Since 1994, the founder of Prime Speaker, Des Vadgama has been involved with many successful business seminars and conferences. He quickly realised that one of the most valuable asset or resource in a live event is a presentation by a top professional speaker. Not only did this factor bring a larger audience, but it always made the event more memorable.

From this base, Des and his network of high-calibre contacts have attracted 100's of additional speakers and presenters from a diverse range of disciplines – from business to politics, best-selling authors to well-known celebrities, and from sports personalities to motivational gurus.

About Des Vadgama

Over the past 20 years, Des has successfully built up three successful businesses, all focused on delivering a high-quality range of business services. He is a business growth expert, and works on a consulting basis with a handful of exclusive clients via his company, VFactor.

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