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Getting it right in attracting the ideal entrepreneur speakers for your corporate event is crucial. It is essential to establish a hiring strategy and policy that enables you to organise a good seminar, conference or presentation.

Being a successful entrepreneur does not qualify one to be an outstanding entrepreneur speaker. To be a good speaker, you must have the public speaking skills that will enable you to present an impressive and engaging talk before an audience. Care should be taken to hire the right entrepreneur speakers who will help achieve your organisation goals and objectives.

The following steps need be considered when hiring the right entrepreneur speaker for your event.

  • Define your objectives and your audience: The first stage in hiring an entrepreneur speaker for your event is to work out the aims of your event.

Do you need a speaker who helps you build an out-performing organisation or is it that you need an outstanding entrepreneur speaker who draws attendees to an inter-organisational workshop? What is the nature of your target audience?

Know your needs and expectations in advance to target the ideal type of speaker to hire.

  • Identify the ideal speaker and resources: To find the right speaker, it is advisable to look for an expert in your particular field of interest. Look to obtain recommendations from friends and colleagues to identify a good speaker.

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to book entrepreneur speakers from a speakers’ bureau. This will eliminate the stress of interviewing and following up a speaker yourself. All you need do is to discuss your requirements with a good speakers agency, and they will help you book a speaker and provide you adequate support to make your event very successful. You need to communicate your objectives to the speakers’ bureau, set your date, time and budget. Based on the information provided, they will match your event with the ideal speaker.

Prime Speaker is a bureau providing outstanding speakers to organisations. We are ready to help you to make your event very successful.

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