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The success of any corporate event depends on a number of factors. The kind of guest speakers invited often occupies the top spot. A guest speaker communicates the theme of the conference or meeting to your audience. A good guest speaker will use illustrations, stories, humour and entertainment to get audience attention, his primary focus being the subject matter of the conference. If he or she fails to achieve this, the aim of the conference or event may be missed.

In order to make a successful conference and get maximum benefit from your resources including your guest speakers, consider these five tips for a successful conference.

  1. Work out your expectations: You should map out clear-cut objectives for your event. Identify the kind of message you want to be passed to your audience. You should also identify the right message that will equip and motivate your delegates.
  2. Communicate your vision: You should brief your delegates, speakers and organisers of your aims and objectives. Ensure they fully understand your vision. Provide your organisers and delegates with the right incentives for optimal performance.
  3. Good preparation: Make sure the stage is adequately set. The quality of your guest speakers should not be compromised. Make sure your speakers stay within their allotted time. The time agreed for each speaker should be communicated to him or her in advance and they should be advised to stay within their speaking time.
  4. Need for variety: Don’t tire your audience with very long educational presentations. There should be time for breaks and reflection. Allocate some time for some relaxed corporate activities and entertainment programs that enable the audience to unwind at intervals.
  5. Follow up program: Feature corporate events and team activities that would offer a follow up program ensuring practical application of the message conveyed in the conference, or in the work place.

Whether you are a organising an event for the first time, or you are a professional event planner who is seeking to hire a top guest speaker for your conference, meeting, seminar or any other corporate event, we have the ideal speaker for you. The profiles of many guest speakers are provided here.

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