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As used in literature, music or public speaking, a keynote refers to the theme or subject matter. A keynote speech or address is very important in corporate and commercial settings and must be delivered professionally. The keynote speaker introduces and presents the idea of the event, showcasing the program of events or convention agenda.

A keynote address or speech delivered in political or industrial conventions, academic conferences and expositions is used to present the core message of the event in a concise manner. Notable keynote speeches are delivered in US party conventions during Republican and Democratic campaigns. Keynote speakers in these conventions often become famous, and in many cases, determine the outcome of an election. An example is Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

All over the world, keynote speeches are delivered in party meetings and political conventions. In different locations, student bodies in colleges and universities invite celebrities or distinguished academics to deliver keynote speeches at their opening and graduation ceremonies. Keynote speakers are often well-known names. Event managers or conferences and large meetings select keynote speakers to attract attendees to their programs; accomplished speakers are used to achieve this objective.

Traditionally, a keynote speaker talks for about 45 to 60 minutes. In some events, lesser-known speakers deliver a keynote speech to gain popularity in return. For corporate sponsored events, a speaker fee or honorarium is paid. The term keynote is derived from acapella singers who usually play a note before singing. The note played will determine the key for performing the song. Hence the term “keynote”. If you are in need of an outstanding keynote speaker, we may well have the right speaker for you.

We work closely with leading keynote speakers from around the world and drawn from different fields including business, sports, academia, politics and show business. Wherever you are and whatever your requirement, there is a specialist expert for your event. You will probably need a keynote speaker who is not only notable but can also keep in flow with other speakers and activities that you have planned. We know that finding the right keynote speaker will help make your event a great success. That’s why we have attracted some of the top talent in their respective fields, to suit your requirements and budget.

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