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Public speakers are professionals who speak to a group of people using a planned and structured approach with content that is intended to inform, entertain or influence the audience. The ability to speak and keep the attention of many listeners is a very important skill for any public speaker.

A good speaker educates and also entertains the audience, and it takes an outstanding speaker to really draw the larger crowds. There are events that require large audiences and the kind of speaker you invite will affect the number of attendees to your event.

There are five basic elements of public speaking are:

  1. Who is speaking? The person who is speaking is very important. Speakers are rated based on their expertise, experience, star power and level of customisation. Most popular public speakers are well-known names with plenty of presentation experience.
  2. What is the content? Great speakers have specific fields of specialisation and areas where they have authority. A speaker’s level of confidence and deep knowledge of their subject will determine the response of the audience.
  3. Who is the audience? A good speaker reads the reactions of the audience to know what they need and the best medium of communication to use. Good knowledge of the nature of the audience is necessary to present a great talk.
  4. What approach is being used? The approach used by a speaker should depend on the purpose of the event and the nature of audience involved. He or she could use humour, stories, examples - or interaction to get audience attention and drive his message home.
  5. What are the results of his speech? This is the right parameter for assessing the success of a speech and speaker. A good public speaker will leave a lasting favourable impression on the audience after the talk.

When it comes to finding some of the best speakers to delight your audience or to attract a large audience to your event, we have the ideal public speakers for you. We work with many well-known popular figures in the speaking industry.

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